Mavericks Preference In The Playoffs – Thunder Or Lakers

The Dallas Mavericks held the sixth position in the Western Conference when they came face to face with the Bulls in Chicago on Sunday night. The defending NBA champions at that time were ahead of Denver Nuggets by half a game in the standing. Something unexpected happened next as apparently the Mavericks head was not in the game and they seemed uninterested in playing.

The coach of the Dallas team, Rick Carlisle, met with the media before the game between the Mavericks and Bulls. He mentioned casually that Jason Kidd and Jason Terry would not be playing in the game. According to Carlisle, Jason Terry requested if he can sit out of the match tonight and the coach agreed. Hence, he would be sitting on the bench suited up but would not be playing in the game. Moreover, Carlisle also mentioned that the only goal for the tonight was to win the game.

In the meeting of Jason Kidd with the media, he joked that he was on the vacation for tonight. On the other hand, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter and Shawn Marion all played approximately 30 minutes in the match. It does seem a bit strange. But, it is true that the Mavericks are an older team in need of rest but they are a winning team as well with something to play for.

In Chicago, the Mavericks lost the game by 93-83 whereas the Nuggets gained a victory in Phoenix which resulted with Dallas being tied in the standings. In addition, Denver also gained a victory in their following game against the Orlando Magic. Hence, currently they have surpassed Dallas in the number six position.

If the playoffs were to commence today, the Nuggets would come face to face with the Los Angeles Lakers whereas the Mavericks would face off with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This bags the question whether this is a strategic move by Dallas to keep away from the Lakers in the first round. It apparently seems that way.

Only game can recognize game and the Mavericks are well aware of the capabilities of Kobe Bryant in the playoffs. The almost inexperienced Thunder has come close to holding the league’s best record during the entire season. They are not to be dismissed without a thought, but when it comes to big game, Thunders are an easier opponent than Lakers on any given day, and perhaps the Dallas Mavericks share the opinion.

Although the Thunders are pretty volatile but they are a jump shooting team. If Westbrook, Durant and Harden are unable to deliver the Mavericks possess the experience and know-how to cause an upset. It is a smart move by a team which is defending a championship. Dallas think that they can defeat Oklahoma City similar to the way they did in the Western Conference Finals last year.

There is merely one game remaining for Dallas on the schedule which is on Thursday night in Atlanta. It is expected that all of the experience Mavericks players are resting and gearing up for Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and company. All the veteran players of the Mavericks should be resting and get all geared up for Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and company.

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