Mobile Betting

Betting on a Mobile Phone

These days ”talking on the phone” is the least of features on a mobile device. Our phones are more like pocket sized computers. We take pictures, get directions, play games, and upload our facebook accounts, all while on the go. Some smartphone users even buy their morning cup coffee with their phone rather than their wallets. But can a smart phone win you money at the races? …You bet! It’s called “Mobile Betting” a trend that allows users to reel in winnings in real time on the go!


The concept of online betting isn’t entirely new. As early as the mid 90s anyone with internet could access a variety of betting games such as mobile poker, casino games, bingo, and lotteries, in addition to sports betting and horse races. What is new, however, with developments in mobile technology, is the ability to access and place bets anywhere, anytime, and securely too.


Click here to go to Slotland Mobile!Here are a few betting apps literally at your fingertips! Platinum Play Mobile- Offering twenty one, custom mobile games and a generous sign on bonus, Platinum Play Mobile is a favorite mobile casino for players of the UK and the US. More than racking up cash, Platinum Play Mobile offers a concurrent loyalty points program. The virtual customer service team can even convert your loyalty points into cash. There are a variety of free games too. Other popular mobile casino provider is Real Casino Guide,  and for US players, Slotland.


But if sports betting is what you crave, you’re in luck! Popular sports betting sites that can be accessed with your mobile phone include: Bet 365 and BetOnline. Perhaps the best US Mobile Sporting Bet site, however, is “” offers betting on major US sporting like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. even allows subscribers to engage in political betting and is compatible with the iPhone and the Android. Players appreciate the loyalty program which allows loyalty points to be traded for cash or merchandise.


Mobile Horse Race Betting is a facet of sports betting so popular it merits its own category. Many of the sites allow for the races to be watched on the mobile device. Bet365, Bookmaker, and 888Sports are just a few. Of these, Bookmaker is the most popular with US Citizens. But Bookmaker’s mobile site has more expansive sports betting options other than just horse racing, it also features poker bets as well. Truly encompassing their slogan, “Old School Meets New School,” aims to bring the rich and exciting environment of the track right to the palm of your hand. And, as a trusted source in the horse betting industry for two decades, Bookmaker delivers.


Finally, if all these betting options aren’t enough, and if you like to bet in the real world in addition to the virtual world, you may like an app called “Pay Up.” Pay Up, in short, is a downloadable bettors companion for keeping track of bets and proposing creative bets and creative stakes among real friends.


But before delving into the wide world of mobile betting, there is one warning that must be issued: There just might NOT be an app for that… at least not yet. Legal issues in the US involving gambling prohibit actual “native apps” or downloadable and installable programs for your mobile device, meaning many betting apps cannot be purchased through the “app store” feature, but rather, must be accessed as “web apps” or mobile formatted websites using the web browser on your mobile device.

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