Live Betting

About Live Betting


Live betting is a unique wagering option that has taken off only recently, but is rapidly gaining popularity. Many of the online sports books now offer live sports betting.

What exactly is live betting?


Live sports betting is betting on the game as it takes place. Live betting gives you the ability to bet on the various outcomes during the game. For example, you can bet on what might happen on the next play or what will be the score after a certain amount of time and so on. Live sports betting is a completely different ball game when compared to your standard sports betting.


How is live betting different from standard betting?


When you place your wager at an online sports book, you are placing your bet at the start of the game based on some predictions. You then wait for the game to finish to find out if you won or lost your bet. In other words, a standard sports bet is placed on the outcome of the game. With live betting, you are betting on the outcome of a particular play within the game. While you make point spreads, over/under bets or money line bets in regular sports betting, in live betting it is usually a prop or proposition bet. These are perhaps two of the main differences between live betting and the standard sports betting.


Live betting gives you more betting opportunities


In live sports betting, you can bet on each and every play within one game. So there are a lot more opportunities to win cash. By the same logic, you also have a lot more chance to lose, so in live betting, you must be cautious when using your bankroll. Bettors must be selective in placing their wagers in live, in-play betting.


Live Bets Carry High Odds


In live betting, most of the times you are betting against the odds in live betting at much higher risks. The outcomes depend on a number of factors which cannot be accurately predicted. The payouts on the other hand may appear to be lucrative although one cannot ignore the fact that live betting is much more volatile than standard sports betting.


Money Management is extremely important in live betting


Bankroll management is very important if you want to be successful sports bettor. With live sports betting however, you face a higher risk of losing more money in a short span of time because you will be making more number of bets. Live betting requires quick decision making which includes decision making for your money as well. Hence, it is essential to keep a few factors in mind before wagering your bankroll in live sports betting.


Since live betting is the latest trend in the sports betting industry, we’re listing some of the popular sports books that offer the option.  The most prominent is Bodog sportsbook where you can make a number of live bets as you are watching the NCAA Basketball Championship matches. You will have a very short time in which to act as soon as the bet becomes available. Bodog Live is the sportsbook’s live betting platform which is quite user-friendly and easy to use.


BookMaker Sportsbook also offers live betting that allows you to bet play-by-play in real time on televised sporting events. The odds are updated as the play progresses, minute-by-minute. has an easy to use interface for live betting so check it out this NCAA basketball season. is another sportsbook that offers live betting and is one of the best sports books for US bettors. Bovada was specifically created to cater to the American gambling market when Bodog pulled out its services in December 2011. Another noteworthy sportsbook that offers live betting is 888sports. 888 sports offers live betting on various sports like football, baseball, ice hockey, cricket, basketball, etc.

The thrill and excitement of live betting is unlike any other form of entertainment. Since you are betting as the game progresses, you are betting based on your instincts and not on your sports betting skills. So, it is just like taking a gamble at the casino, with everything happening in real time.  If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to join one of our recommended sports books that offer live betting.

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