Miami Heat Amnesty Mike Miller

The move will save $30 million in luxury tax payments

Miami Heat Amnesty Mike MillerMike Miller has helped the Miami Heat make it to three finals and win back-to-back titles but his run with the 2013 NBA Champions is now over. He was designated on Tuesday as the amnesty player for the team in an attempt to save over $30 million in luxury tax payments in the next couple of years. Although the news comes just two days after president Pat Riley declared that he is looking to maintain the same core that won the two titles, it is not a real surprise and it is simply business.

The tax bill for Miami Heat is expected to be bigger than ever and it is possible for the team to have to pay $2.50 per every $1 they go over the salary cap according to the new rules set for the upcoming season. The move to cut Miller from the team will help the team better fit in the salary cap and spend less on luxury fees since it will save the team over $12 million; the amount that Miller will be paid over the next two seasons.

Miller stated that he understands that this was just a business call and that basketball can sometimes come down to these decisions. He also went on to mention that he is grateful for the opportunity but that it still hurts knowing that he will not be part of the same team in the 2013-14 season.

New possibilities

However, this doesn’t mean that he will not have a shot at the title since he will most likely be picked up by another top team in the league. While Miller only played in 60% of the games in the regular season for the Heat, he was very reliable when it came down to the wire during the playoffs and made the three-pointers that won them the game on numerous occasions. He was the one the Heat would bring out in the fourth quarter to help the team get over the last bump. A Miami Heat without Mike Miller does seem to lack some qualities but the remaining lineup is more than enough to keep the Heat on top of the charts for the upcoming season.

Miller is far from the end of his career and the $6.2 million he would have made this season reflects that; as well as the $6.6 million for next season. He will still get the money but it will not count towards Miami’s cap or luxury tax hit.

If no team claims Miller, he will become a free agent later this week. His preferred choice will most likely be a title contender and Memphis seems to be the perfect fit, given the fact that he spent a lot of time with the team there.

One-shoe 3-pointer

During the three seasons spent in Miami, Miller helped the team win two titles and played big roles in every playoff run. He was in the starting lineup for the last four games in the 2013 NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs. The highlight was when the Heat came back from being down by 10 points in the final 12 minutes and Miller shot a 3-pointer while only wearing one shoe.

Gamblers which enjoy online betting should certainly take the lack of Mike Miller into consideration for the upcoming season and not just how this will affect the Miami Heat, but also how he can strengthen the lineup for another team. It is pretty unlikely that he will make another 3-pointer while only having one shoe on, but he will certainly continue to shoot the ball and get those points when they are needed the most.

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