West Takes The Win In NBA All-Star Game

West vs. East finished 143-138 on Sunday

As the NBA All-Star game on Sunday, February 17, took place between the East and the West, fans got to enjoy some superb plays thanks to the players that brought magic to the court. Amongst the stars was Kobe Bryant who showed some impressive defensive skills, especially against LeBron James whom he stopped on more than one occasion.

West Takes The Win In NBA All-Star Game

LeBron James dunks after passing Kobe Bryant during the 2013 NBA All-Star game in Houston

He blocked a jumper attempt from James and gave Kevin Durant the chance to land a dunk which helped put the Western Conference in the lead even more and secure the win.

Durant stated after the game that he hasn’t seen any MVP block a jumper like Bryant did and applauded him for his great play. Adding the fact that he did it against the best player in the league made things even sweeter for the guy with five championship rings; one more and he is tied with Michael Jordan.

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The MVP of the night went to Chris Paul who got 20 points and 15 assists while Durant got 30 points in for his team. Paul declared that he liked making passes considering that there was so much firepower on the court. He did have a point with Kevin Durant on one of the lanes and with Kobe and Blake on the wing.

As far as the East goes, Carmelo Anthony got 26 points and 12 rebounds. Stopping LeBron was not a small task which landed on Kobe several times during the night.

It only took 16 seconds for the first dunk to be made and Griffin had the honors after getting a pass from Paul. The West got an early 7-0 lead and stayed in the lead at the end of each of the first 3 quarters but the East didn’t allow them to get further than eight points ahead during this time. When the fourth quarter began, the West managed to pull ahead even more and got double figures thanks to James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Towards the end of the game, Paul got 3-pointers, Bryant with a layup and a block on James meant that Durant’s dunk would secure the 136-126 win.

The night was filled with amazing plays and big dunks and it seemed that every one of the players wanted to show exactly why they deserve to be in their respective All-Star team. At one point during the night, Durant went so hard that he appeared woozy after he landed and stumbled a few steps backward. If it weren’t for the great finish Paul had, Durant would have most likely got the MVP award for the second time in a row.

NBA Betting

Recent basketball NBA news show that the Warriors lost against the Jazz at 101-115, Spurs won against the Kings 108-102 and the Suns also got a win against the Trail Blazers at 102-98. More games are coming up tomorrow as the Pistons face the Bobcats and the Knicks play against the Pacers as well as many others. Online sportsbooks are offering various betting options for NBA matches and enthusiasts of the sport can add a bit more excitement to the games by placing a wager.

The regular season will be played until April 17 and the playoffs will begin on April 20, 2013 with various things to bet on in the meantime and with some teams beginning to look unstoppable.

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