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Carmelo-AnthonyThe United States government has not made it easy for the people of the country to enjoy a flutter or two online. In fact it is illegal for the majority of sites to allow United States citizens to play online, with some falling fowl of this rule and finding out about the might of the US for their troubles (ahem Full Tilt Poker).

With a large number of the three hundred million plus residents of America loving a little bet on their favourite sports or having a game online at the casinos, the question is where are the places to go to do this?

Read on as we go through some of the best USA gambling sites, including current and new basketball betting sites and more. You will be amazed and the options available for US citizens, there are plenty of places you can frequent.

Great US Gambling Sites

With a wealth of US Gambling sites out there that you can enjoy legitimately in the eyes of the US government, its difficult to know which ones are suitable for you. We have found a number of great US gambling sites and you can read about a few of these below.

Bovada – Bovada is an immense place to play. Here you can enjoy one of the best sports books on the internet and one that also allows US players to be part of the fun too. Whats more, you can also play at the Bovada online casino too as this is a site that offers a multitude of gambling options to choose from.

In our experience, Bovada eclipses all others when it comes to gambling fun for US players.

Casino Titan – Casino Titan is a titan by name and titan by nature. This is a place where you can play casino games a plenty and also enjoy some of the best promotions and bonuses the online casino world has to offer. Casino Titan is a reputable and enjoyable place to play.

Grand Parker – Grand Parker has built itself a reputation for being a gambling site of note, but you probably didn’t know that US players are welcome here as well. If you want to play at this great online casino where you get to enjoy the casino experience of grandeur then Grand Parker is for you.

Top Basketball Betting Sites

There are a great many top basketball betting sites to choose from, currently however there are a top four in our minds that stick out as the best. Lets talk through these four and tell you what we think.

TopBet – Top Bet hosts a huge number of basketball games to lay bets on. Here you are not only restricted to the NBA, you can also get involved in basketball matches across a number of nations so you have a lot more choice on offer.

BetOnline – BetOnline has always been a brilliant place for sports betting, but now you have such an array of choices when it comes to basketball that it sits among the top basketball betting sites.

Bet365 - Bet365 is one of those safe names that ensure you feel secure in your betting, but it is also a place where all bets are taken. There are endless options available when it comes to basketball betting at Bet365, the only downside is that you cannot legally play here in the US.

William Hill Betting – William Hill may be the grandfather of mainstream sports betting, but it is also a place that encapsulates the words “world betting” as all sports are catered too. More importantly basketball has its own massive selection of choices from across the globe. The only downside is that US players are not supposed to play here.

With all the above sites on offer there is a wealth of choices for United States based players, all of these places are of top quality.

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