Miami Heat On An 18-Game Win Streak

The Heat continues to focus on the championship title

Miami Heat is looking unstoppable at this point and it is surely the strongest team in the NBA with 18 consecutive wins. Of course, the superstars in the team are quite familiar with this kind of records as LeBron James has won 66 games with a team, Ray Allen had 19 consecutive wins with another club and Dwayne Wade carried a team in the Eastern Conference to set the best record. However, for all these achievements, the teams didn’t win the championship in their respective year and it remains to be seen if Heat will go all the way this season.

Betting on Miami

Clearly, the safe bet to make right now is on the Miami team since there is no argue that it is performing better than any of its opponents in the NBA. Some gamblers that want to get more familiar with all the basketball betting terms should always have a betting dictionary close by. So far, the Heat has a very good chance at finishing the East playoffs in the top spot as the end of the month gets closer. The next match for the Heat is coming up quickly and will be played on Tuesday night against the Atlanta Hawks; a team which they met three times this season and won every one.

On Wednesday, the team will make a trip to Philly where they will face the 76ers in a game which is expected to be quite one-sided. The 76ers have lost the last 13 games in the regular season against the Heat and if things go well for the NBA giants, this will most likely be their 20th consecutive win. If this happens, the Miami Heat will be the fourth team to win 20 consecutive games during one season. While the opportunity is certainly there, nothing is certain.

Needless to say that Miami is just focusing on the championship title, a goal which was firmly stuck in their target when the season started and continues as the team got the seventh longest winning streak in the history of the NBA. James declared that winning one game after another is not what their goal is and that winning the championship is all that matters. Of course, winning games does help them on their journey and he also added that they just have to get better every game and constantly try to improve. As any basketball player will be quick to point out, the trophy does not go to the team that has the biggest winning streak.

Miami Heat beats Indiana Pacers 105-91

Miami Heat On An 18-Game Win Streak

Mario Chalmers from the Miami Heat after scoring a three-pointer on Sunday

Miami’s most recent win came on Sunday when they faced the Pacers in a very significant game. The Indiana team can be considered as the closest rival to the Heat right now and despite LeBron not having a very good night, Miami still managed to take the win after getting a nice lead in the third quarter and never looking back.

Six weeks ago, the race in the East was looking very close with the Pacers taking the second win against the defending champions in early February but things changed a lot in this short amount of time. Wade stated that the players don’t even feel like they are on a winning streak and they are just playing basketball, giving it their best every game. A few weeks ago, some of the top players took part in the NBA All Star game where the West took the win at 143-138.

18-game streak stats

Taking a look at the numbers from the last 18 games Miami Heat played in the regular season, James is at the top with an average of 27.2 points per game and 60% shooting. Wade is not far behind him with a 24.3 average and 55 percent while Chris Bosh is averaging 16.6 points from 54% shooting.

Of course, they haven’t won so many games alone with some other stars getting the chance to shine in a few matches. Shane Battier got some impressive shots that made the difference on a few occasions and Allen is looking in top shape again. During the game against the Pacers on Sunday, Mario Chalmers was the one who helped carry Miami to victory as he got 26 points in from nine shots.

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