Lakers Beat Warriors But Lose Kobe

L.A. Lakers fight for the playoffs spot

On Friday night, the L.A. Lakers hosted the fourth game of the series against the Golden State Warriors. It was a very crucial game for both teams and as things started to heat up, Kobe Bryant gave his all on the court; so much actually that he pushed his body beyond the limits and suffered a great injury. He felt a searing pain during the second half of the game and apparently torn is Achilles’ tendon, which means that the Lakers will have to continue the rest of the season without their main player.

Kobe Bryant injures his left knee

Lakers Beat Warriors But Lose KobeDespite finishing the game with Kobe on the bench getting medical attention, the Lakers managed to pull through and claim the win against the Golden State team at a final score of 118-116. Bryant managed to get in 34 points despite the fact that he was playing with an injury on his left leg and was eventually replaced with a bit over 3 minutes left on the clock. The extension on his tendon happened early in the second half but he was unwilling to give up in a very crucial game that placed them ahead of Utah by one game in the Western Conference. Bryant then suffered an injury as he made a simple drive, a move which he has made countless times in his career, and the season was over for the 34-year old superstar.

The tests will take place on Saturday to see how much damage actually is but it is very likely that Kobe Bryant will not be able to play again this season. Injuries on an Achilles’ tendon normally take months of recovery and it largely depends on the severity. Needless to say that Kobe’s knee has a lot of mileage on it since he played in 17 NBA seasons so far and played more than any other player on his team during this season, averring more than 38 minutes.

His teammates picked up the ball and showed some great plays with Howard and Gasol getting some nice baskets during the last couple of minutes to seal the win. Howard finished with 28 points and 7 rebounds and Gasol added another 26 points on the scoreboard.

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