Pros and Cons of Different Basketball Betting Methods

There are different betting methods that are actively used by bettors. Each of them comes with certain pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and limitations of 3 major betting methods.
Use your Bankroll Smarty: Consider Pros and Cons of Betting Methods
Money line betting

Money line betting is one of the most common kinds of betting used in basketball. In this kind of betting method, bets are placed on either of the two teams and you win or lose depending on whether the team on which you bet wins or not.

Pros: The major advantage of money line betting is that it is a simple and straightforward betting method. There is no confusion and you can clearly know if you win or lose and by how much amount.

Cons: The major disadvantage of money line betting is that the risk is high. Since the betting method does not give any kind of leverage for the bettor, the team on which you bet has to win for you to win. If the team loses, you do not have any chance of winning. Another disadvantage is that if you want to bet on the favorite, you have to bet more money. However, your winning margins are low. The case is reversed when you bet on the underdog. You bet less money and stand to win more.

Spreads betting

Spread betting is a system that gives you leverage over winning or losing. Your win does not depend on whether the team on which you bet wins or loses but on by how much margin the team wins or losses. A spread is a range of values giving different eccentricities over the outcome of the game.

Pros: The major advantage is that you have a chance to win when your team losses as well. For example, if you bet on a team and it loses, you can still win some money if it loses by less than a fixed number of dunks. The spread gives you the chance to choose this number.

Cons: The major disadvantage of spread system is that it is complex. You need a good understanding of the betting method to be able to bet well. Secondly, the money that you win might be pretty low depending on the eccentricity of your bet with reference to the outcome. For example, if the team on which you bet wins straightaway, you can win good money. If it loses and the farther it moves from the game outcome, the money that you win is reduced. So, you get more money if you team losses by 2 points than if your team losses by 10 points. The money keeps reducing. In many instances, the win amount does not seem significant.

Over/under betting

Over/ under betting is another common sports betting method in which the betting is done on whether the outcome of the game will be above or below a line fixed by the bookie. So, if the bookie says that a team will win by a 10 points, your bet will either be on the team winning the game by more than 10 points or less than 10 points.

Pros: The biggest advantage of this kind of bet is that the chance of your win is enhanced. Since you bet on the possibility, there is a good chance that your prediction turns out to be true. The second advantage is that the team on which you bet does not necessarily have to win, for you to win.

Cons: The disadvantage is that the house edge is very high in these kinds of bets. Also, if you are a professional bettor and bet to make money, this betting method is not for you.

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