Bet365 Euro Basketball Offer

Basketball Offer

Bet365 are coming to you with another one of their sizzling promotional offers, this time with a whopping fifty percent Euro Basketball bonus and when we say a bonus on Euro Basketball, we mean all the European Premier Club leagues and other competitions. Not only that, but the bonus on Men’s European Basketball accumulators are available even for some of the domestic leagues, which include the Spain Liga ACB and the Italian Lega 1 and the German Bundesliga.  To win yourself a bonus, you need to place a pre-match accumulator of two or more folds. Now if your combination of teams from the competitions enlisted in the Euro Basketball Bonus proves to be successful, then Bet365 would add the bonuses.

Here we present to you the details of the betting type and the bonus that is offered along with it. For the least, doubles bet type you fetch for yourself a bonus of 5 percent. The rates go up as the betting accumulator increases. The trebles offer a 7.5 percent bonus and the process goes up to twelve folds. The 4 folds give you a 10 percent bonus, and the 5 fold a 15 percent bonus. Similarly the bonus increases by 5 percent for each of the 6-folds, 7-folds and 8-folds, giving the bet types a bonus of 20, 25 and 30 percent bonus respectively. And for the higher end accumulators, the increase remains linear, with 9-folds, 10 folds and 11 folds receiving a bonus of 35, 40 and 45 percent respectively. And for a betting type of 12-folds and upwards you will receive a bonus of 50 percent.


Bet Type Bonus
Doubles 5% Bonus
Trebles 7.5% Bonus
4-folds 10% Bonus
5-folds 15% Bonus
6-folds 20% Bonus
7-folds 25% Bonus
8-folds 30% Bonus
9-folds 35% Bonus
10-folds 40% Bonus
11-folds 45% Bonus
12-folds and above 50% bonus

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