Carmelo Anthony makes his comeback, gives his team a much needed victory against the Detroit Pistons

Carmelo Anthony takes center stage and choreographs a New York Knicks win. The Detroit Pistons were beaten in both skills and pace by the Knicks in NY. Carmelo had been missing from action for quite some time due to injuries, but he returned to the Piston game with a bang. The star had been fighting against an ankle, a wrist and a thumb injury, playing through the pain for a few matches. But when his scoring dipped to just 31 percent, he decided to get the adequate medical attention before hitting the floor again. After having missed a couple of games, Melo was back, scoring 25 points for his side. Later in an interview right after the game, the star exclaimed that the break and rest from the games did him a world of good as he got the time to recover and he felt refreshed from the Pistons game.  He excitedly reported of having got back his ‘explosiveness’ and the touch that was missing from the Memphis game onwards.

The New York team enjoyed a comprehensive victory against the Pistons, winning the game with 113 against 86. The team had been experiencing a bad run in the last few games attaining this season’s lowest scoring slump. But the team performed extremely well in the last game giving Mike D’Antonio, the NY coach something to cheer about. The coach exclaimed that the sudden change of good fortune comes with Melo’s inclusion in the team again. He justified that saying that since Anthony draws a lot of attention towards himself; others manage to play their own game. This allows for much better synchronized gameplay that out fox’s the opponent. The likes of Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire played extremely well, scoring 17 and 15 points respectively.  Melo ended the game one short of his personal best. The team had lost a lot of games this season, with 2 wins from the last 11 games. But with the team scoring havoc 60 percent of their points from the field it seems their woes are over. The NY team has thrown away matches against sub 500 teams, like the Charlotte, Toronto, Phoenix and Milwaukee. But with big games coming up, it cannot squander any more games. It will be playing Chicago and Boston in the upcoming matches.

But same cannot be said for the Detroit Pistons who ended up with their straight sixth loss.  The team isn’t doing well without the star players of the likes of Ben Gordon, Will Bynum and Charlie Villanueva. In this match only two somehow scrapped into the double digit figures. Jonas Jerebko had scored 15 points while Greg Monroe scored 13 for his side. Other than that it has been a dismal overall performance by the team. But neither can the Knicks boast much of their shooting given that they have managed only a 41 percent from field goal. But this figure hasn’t come in the way of destroying the Pistons, that too twice this season, the first being a 103-80 win back on January 7.

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