The most exciting game of the ball

Defining the game

Basketball is game which is to be played in a team. The aim of the team is to throw the ball which should pass through the basket in a horizontal manner. But there is a set of rules which needs to be followed while going to hit the basket. The game generally consists of five members. These five players need to play within a rectangular boundary which is known as the court. This court has two baskets, one at each end. Basketball is supposed to be one of the most famous and majorly viewed games of the world.

The association dedicated to basketball

The game of basketball is so famous across the world that a lot of people have started opting it as a career option. Thus, basketball has been started playing as a professional game across the world. Even in India it has become very popular as a career option.  For this reason the BFI which is the Basketball Federation of India has come into being. This body has been formed to in order to control the games of basketball in India. This federation takes care of the development and the promotions of basketball at the national level. They make the sport happen at almost all the levels. BFI is the parent body for all the basketball operations which take place at an all India level. Its major tasks are to organize various camps, tournaments of the national stature and for forming and grooming teams. They prepare teams of men as well as women so that they can participate in the competitions which happen at the national and the international level inviting various age groups.

The first ever National championship held for men

For men, the first ever National championship held in India was way back in 1934. This was also organized by the basketball federation of India. Also, the very popular team called the young Cagers also known as the Indian National team associated itself with the very strong FIBA i.e. International Basketball Federation.

Mr. RS Gill is currently heading the Basketball federation of India assisted by Mr. Harish Sharma as the Chief Executive officer of the federation and Mr. Ajay Sud as the Secretary General.

Popularity given birth to so many forms of basketball

As a game basketball has become so famous that it has been divided into various forms like deaf basketball, wheelchair basketball, gay basketball, mini basketball, rezball, prison basketball, ethnic and religion based basketball, midnight basketball, recreational basketball, etc. basically basketball is a game which can be played by anyone and everyone. Whether you are deaf or dumb or physically challenged, basketball is the game for you. It is a game which has no restrictions for anyone. Anyone who has a love for the game can not only play it but can even become a champion in it. With a little variation in the rules and regulations, it has been formed into various forms like the ones mentioned above.

People who made it the game of the world

The credit for the fame of basketball goes to the players who have worked so hard to make it happen. Their style and charisma has given basketball the popularity it enjoys today. These players have polished themselves with the passage of time and have made it famous across the world. Some of the most famous basketball players of all times are Wilton Norman fondly known as  Wilt the Stilt, Larry Joe Bird , Larry Joe Bird, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, Dražen Petrović, etc. It is the efforts of these people which have made basketball reach the height where it is today. Some of them have even retired from the game but their charisma has kept the game so alive.

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