Basketball-not just a game but an event for life

West has huge fan following for basketball

Basketball as a sport is quite popular throughout the world but the diehard fans of basketball can only be found in the western countries. There people are as crazy for basketball as people are crazy for cricket in India. In the western countries basketball is played professionally and is recognized as any other profession. Children of very young age start playing it professionally. They not only play basketball but they are quite good at it.

Men or women-basketball is everyone’s favorite

Basketball is one of those very few games where the participation of women is equal to that by men. Women also are great champs when it comes to basketball. There are women’s basketball teams at state, college, national and other levels. The lady coaches prepare their teams quite well for the battles. They put in a lot of hard work and energy in their games. A lot of boost is being given to women’s basketball teams in order to promote basketball as profession for women also. Basketball is a passion for most of the women athletes in the western countries. Even in India a lot of girls are picking up basketball as their profession. Most of the colleges and schools offer coaching for basketball to girls and boys. Some of the colleges and schools have the most talented teams of young men and women basketball players. These players play at various levels and make their Alma meter proud.

The great basketball league

When the basketball league starts in the European countries people go crazy on roads cheering for their favorite teams. The cities come alive during the matches of basketball. The cities are decorated, roads are full of audience, people are seen with painted faces and flags of their teams in hands, etc. It looks like some festival when the league of basketball starts.

Best time for the bidders

Basketball is one of the maximum profits giving sport for the bidders. People who place bids online on various sports are benefitted the most during the matches of basketball. The main reason behind this is the fact that basketball is one of the most popular games across the world. Websites offering online bidding facilities make a lot of profits during the league of basketball as well as during other matches of basketball.

Merchandises and sports equipments traders in profit

When people go for the matches of basketball, weather it is during the basketball league or during the other matches of basketball, they like wearing the merchandise promoting the teams they support. Thus, they wear T shirts, caps, hats, etc which display their team’s names or players names. This has given a lot of boost to the business of designing and manufacturing sports merchandises. Several basketball players endorse this merchandise. Due to this they are heavily priced. But people do not mind paying for them. As the purchasing power of men is increasing, craze for such not so important things is also increasing and that too many folds.

The players into multiple professions

The fame of basketball has benefitted the players also in a handsome way. The players get a lot of offers from big sports giants like Nike, Puma, Adidas, etc. for endorsing their products for which they are paid quite well. Apart from this they also get offers for doing commercials of various energy drinks, sportswear, healthy food, etc. This way apart from the matches they play, they also get some really good offers. This helps the players get a better exposure. The multi talented athletes excel in multiple professions.

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