Basketball gets better with the better coverage

TEN to cover the next season of NBL live

It is good news for the fans of basketball that cannot make it to the matches of the next league of NBL. Now they can enjoy the matches sitting at the comfort of their homes with the help of TEN sports. This free service has been discovered especially for people who cannot watch the match live due to various reasons. A negotiation has happened between the National Basketball League and the TEN sports regarding the broadcast of the matches of the league. TEN sports and the National Basketball League have joined hands to bring up this wonderful partnership so as to provide the fans of basketball a unique experience of watching the matches of the league.

TEN Sports obliged by the partnership

The management of TEN sports is highly obliged with the partnership held between the National Basketball League and the sports channel. It will be a big move in the career of the sports channel. To show her gratitude Ms. Kennelly, the Chairman of Basketball Australia, thanked the Chairman of the National basketball League Mr. Justin Milne as well as the team of the National Basketball League. The sports giant has finally given a sigh of relief to the fans of basketball who wish to watch the matches of the league live at their televisions.

Prominent timeslots for the matches of the League

The management of the TEN sports has assured the National Basketball League chairman that the matches would be either telecasted live or they would be given good time slots if they are not live. But the matches would be telecasted at the peak hours.

The agreement

The agreement signed between TEN sports and the National Basketball league has a few features which will benefit the league in a big way. According to the agreement, the sports channel will broadcast atleast one match on the national television on the afternoon of each Sunday. Also, the time slot which would be given to the matches during the months of Oct to Feb would be at sharp two PM and during the months of March as well April, the time slot would change to one PM.

At least one match of the league would be featured on the television. This would be featured every Friday during the evening time. The time slot fixed for this purpose would be 9:30 PM. But these matches would be featured on the digital channel of the sports giant, ONE.

Not just television but also mobile

Now the viewers of the basketball matches do not have to wait to reach home to watch their favorite teams playing. They can enjoy the fun of the basketball matches even on the go. This has been made possible with the help of the mobile handsets designed with the help of the latest technology which allows mobility and flexibility to the viewers. A number of applications have been introduced which allows the viewers and fans to watch matches live, bid online, etc. Most of the mobile handsets being manufactured toady have these features. Thus, the basketball matches are now also mobile. A lot of games based on basketball have also been introduced in these new devices. These games have also bagged a lot of popularity especially by the kids. They love playing these games. The most amusing part for them is that they play as their favorite players of basketball. This gives them a lot of satisfaction.

All these efforts are being made to offer better services and applications to the fans of basketball. The fans demand for new and new services and this leads to innovation.

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