Rafael Nadal Will Play At Abu Dhabi

Nadal announced that he will come back after a six-month break to play at Abu Dhabi

Rafael Nadal is the former world number one tennis player which has been away from the court since he lost to Lukas Rosol at Wimbledon. After six months of recovering from a knee surgery, the tennis star has declared that he will take part in the Abu Dhabi event which will take place later this month. The news was warmly received by the tennis industry and fans will again get to see the 26-year-old Spaniard bring his magic to the court.

Rafael Nadal Will Play At Abu Dhabi

Rafael Nadal at the 2012 Australian Open vs. Roger Federer

He made the announcement on Facebook saying that he can’t wait to get back. It will certainly be a great achievement if he manages to get the trophy in 2012 after claiming it for the last two years. Due to the fact that he missed out on half of the year, Nadal is now ranked 4th but that can change as there is still one championship to go. Although he is fit enough to get back to the court, Nadal stated that he is still in the last stage of the recovery process and that he will not rush into it and risk missing for another six months.

Betting on the 2012 Mubadala Championship

Although 2012 is almost over, tennis punters are looking forward to the 2012 Mubadala Championship as there will certainly be some interesting matches to follow and of course, bet on. The event will start on December 27 and will finish on the 29th and fans of the sport will not just be watching Nadal make a comeback but also the favorite, Novak Djokovic, and the potential tennis star to take the win, Andy Murray. Between these three players, the excitement is guaranteed and there is also the chance for one of the other players to take the trophy.

Betting on tennis has become quite popular and online sportsbooks are already offering betting odds for the championship so it is never too early to start thinking about the bets. New players can just go to www.tennisbet.net and get some very useful tips that can help them learn how, when and where to place a bet. The site focuses on teaching gamblers how to wager on tennis and sports in general and it offers tips from a professional with a vast experience in the field.

For now, Rafael Nadal is in third position according to the online sportsbooks which give him 13/2 odds to win his third consecutive trophy in Abu Dhabi. This is one of the things that will certainly attract punters since he definitely has what it takes to win but it is just a matter of how well he recovered from knee surgery; the nice payout odds make it hard to resist. Although he will most likely not push too hard, fans expect to see a show but it remains to be seen of his performance is good enough to surpass Djokovic and Murray.

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