March Madness Fun Facts

March Madness Basketball – Some Fun Facts

March madness is one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year for every basketball bettor in the world. It is that time of the year when 68 college teams meet for single elimination matches as the teams progress from 68 to 16, then to 4 and finally the one champion. Every game is covered by the national televisions, and it is the greatest month for doing some basketball betting. Well, if you have been following this Big Dance, you must be aware of all the rules, participating teams and venues. However, there are several interesting facts about the tournament that are fun to know. If you know them already, read them again, refresh those memories and have a laugh. If you don’t, read on and enrich your knowledge about this mega tournament.

Fact 1

Over the years, a number of records have been created and broken by some of the most talented players of the tournament. Glen Rice of Georgia University holds the distinction of scoring the most number of points in March Madness. In 1989, he scored 184 points among which 27 came from three pointers. He played 6 matches in the tournament.

Fact 2

The trio from Michigan State consisting of Morris Peteson, Charlie Bell and Mateen Cleaves were fondly called the Flinstones because they all belonged to Flint in Michigan. Interestingly, there was another player in the team, Eddie Robinson, who also belonged to the same region. However, he did not participate in March Madness.

Fact 3

Duke University has a distinct record in March Madness records. It is the only team from which 4 players were selected for the NBA in the same year. It happened in 1999 and the players were Corey Maggette, Trajon Langdon, Elton Brand and William Avery. No other team has ever given 4 players in the same year to the National Basketball. What is more, all these four players were absorbed into NBA just past the first round. Sure speaks volumes about the huge power potential of Duke players.

Fact 4

Duke has without doubt been one of best teams of the tournament, despite being second in the list of most won titles. Although it won the title 7 times, the team reigned supreme between 1986 and 1994. Duke appeared seven times in Final Fours, four times in title games and won the championship twice.

Fact 5

1997 was a special year that saw most number of upsets in the tournament. The most valuable player, MVP, that year was Miles Simson. Arizona won the tournament and on the way, it upended three teams that had been at top position in the previous tournaments.

Fact 6

The only team in the history of March Madness to score more than a hundred points is UNLV. They accomplished the feat in 1990 when they defeated Duke with 103 – 73. This was also the first NCAA title for UNLV.

Fact 7

On the lighter side, according to public surveys, it has been found that March Madness games are more entertaining by 38% when the commentator is Dick Vitale.

Fact 8 and Final Advise

This mega tournament definitely packs enough action to match any Hollywood action thriller. This year, be a part of the tournament as have a basketball blast. Here are 3 March Madness Betting Tips that you should read.

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