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Bet on the NCAA March Madness 2012 Online


It happens each year and this year promises to be spectacular with frantic betting and millions made (and lost). We along with several other sites have already begun putting out data that is necessary for you to have loads of fun and hopefully, make spectacular amounts of money.


In terms of dollars wagered, the NCAA March Madness betting is now second to only NFL. This gives you an idea of how many people wager during the NCAA games. If you have been missing from the March Madness betting scene because you were not sure how to go about it, read our beginners article on basketball betting. It is a comprehensive article that tells you all you need to know to get started this March.


Our homepage has a list of leading Sportsbook sites along with the latest bonus offers. Our team members personally wager at each of these sites daily and have had great experiences so far. In fact, we have an in-house competition amongst our staff to see who makes the most money at the 2012 March basketball betting.

Each of the Sportsbook sites offering basketball betting is listed and each site in turn, has March Madness betting odds for NCAA tournaments listed on their site. Of course, you need not limit yourself to only NCAA basketball tournaments. There areis all kinds of sporting activity currently in progress on which you can place your bets.


Each of the Sportsbook sites we’ve selected is an industry leader and acknowledged as amongst the best and safest in the sports betting business.  Apart from March Madness basketball, each of the Sportsbook sites also offer big bonuses on various other sporting events. For e.g. Bodog and Bovada both give you an instant 10% cash credit that you can use. Bet365 gives you a 100% match up bonus (max $20) whereas Betonline gives you a best-in-the-class 25% bonus with no upper limit.


Tips from our staff

Our staff recommends that during the 2012 March Madness season you should give the underdogs a closer look. The NCAA tournament this season is already filled with surprising upsets.  Look out for the March Madness odds on the underdogs – there’s a ton of value there. While most will be wagering on the favorites, the really smart bettors will go against the tide and make a ton of money by wagering on a few underdogs that hold out the promises of a surprising win. Look at the player lineup amongst the underdog team. Look at their performance, health and other factors you consider important – do any of the underdog teams show likely promises of a surprise win? What does your sixth sense tell you? Our staff for one definitely feels there’s a ton to make by some nifty betting on the underdogs this March Madness.


Not all of us have the time or patience to handicap the games ourselves or maybe we haven’t enjoyed success in past. If that is the case, check out the sports picks offered against the March Madness lines. Check out the Sportsbook sites we’ve selected for you and view the latest information on NCAA basketball tournaments.


Sportsbook sites offering March Madness picks and predictions help make enormous sums of money for their members. Once March begins, most of these Sportsbook sites clock-in countless man-hours calculating, recalculating, checking and double checking the teams and factoring the chances at winning. We all go the extra mile to make sure your NCAA sports bets are winners this March.


Do write to us about your success stories so we can publish it and let others who might have been less fortunate at March Madness, benefit from your experience and strategy. Thank you for visiting us and best of luck with all the wagers you make this March Madness.

Sportsbooks for betting on the March Madness

Sportsbook U.S. Citizens? Deposit Bonus Sportsbook Review Visit
bovada basketball betting basketball 10% Instant Cash Bovada Review Visit
Bodog basketball betting 100% up to $200 Bodog Review Visit
bet365 basketball basketball betting 100% up to $200 Bet365 Review Visit
betonline basketball basketball sportsbooks 25% Unlimited BetOnline Review Visit

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